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023: The Gifted - What we like and where we'd like it see it go

023: The Gifted - What we like and where we'd like it see it go


Today on Comm Talk we talk about the newest addition to the X-Men franchise... The Gifted! What do we like about the series? What would we like to see become of it? Find out today!

:26 Intro
1:05 – Announcements
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2:30 – What we like about Fox’s “The Gifted”
15:37 – Interesting Characters that stand out to us in Fox’s “The Gifted”

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26:31- “The Gifted” moving forward, how we want to see the story develop and how could it be pulled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
41:38 – What’s happening next week on Comm Talk
42:41 – Devoted Geek Life Poll Results


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