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027: Batman Returns: A Gotham Christmas? feat. Carlos Renfroe

027: Batman Returns: A Gotham Christmas? feat. Carlos Renfroe


This week we talk about 1992's Batman Returns with guest Carlos Renfroe of Healing Truth Ministries! See full show notes at

Show Notes:

3:50 Who is Carlos Renfroe and what is Healing Truth Ministries?
Healing Truth Ministries is a Blog and Podcast ministry that seeks to nourish the Saints with the Truth and to light the way of the lost towards salvation. They are dedicated to the understanding of firm Biblical Truth and the call for the church to evangelize the world with the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Check out Healing Truth Ministries by following the links below

Facebook Group:

6:55 Some of our earliest memories about Batman Returns

10:41 Things we liked about Batman Returns

16:43 Thinks we didn’t like about Batman Returns

25:44 Commercial

26:45 More about Carlos and his family

30:37 Deeper meanings…This is the part of the show where we take a look at some of the deeper meanings we saw in Batman Returns

41:03 Is Batman Returns a Christmas movie?

47:42 Closer –

Don’t miss next week as we discuss “The Santa Clause.” In our closer we mentioned how our friends over at Retro Rewind Podcast were going to be doing their own review of “The Santa Clause” make sure you check it out!

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