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3 questions to win Chevening interview

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Possible questions and suggestions:

1. Can you successfully finish a Master's Degree in the UK?
Living away from home would be different and challenging. They want to make sure that you can tackle that and successfully make it happen.
Your mindset?
Believe in the ability of figuring things out
Believe in your adaptability ability
Being excited to experience life in new environment
Identifying possible problems that you may tackle and share your reasons why you believe you would deal with them
Give practical example to prove that
2. Do you have leadership potential?
The goal of Chevening or any scholarship is to "develop global leaders", they want to have the ‘right’ people.
Your mindset?
Believe that everyone has ability of a leader. Everyone is at least a leader of their life. The only different is how much one brings it out there.
You have a desire of becoming a leader to make a difference in life
What a global leader mean to you?
Share your desire of becoming a leader?
Your experience of leading a project, life, or a group, etc
3. Networking
Network is one the keys to success
Think about different networks that you have had
Check different networks:;;; Facebook group or any local sites to find network events to meet with people
Be open and willingness to connect with people: everyone is a good teacher
Feel it with your heart when you talk with people and share that excitement when you are in the interview
The best is to create one if you could not find any



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