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A Pile of Rocks


“A Pile of Rocks”
Joshua 4:1-9
December 31, 2017

In Joshua 4:1-9 the Israelites cross the Jordan.

Before that there were 40 years in the wilderness.

Before that was the Exodus.

Before that was a long period of slavery in Egypt.

Like us, they were ending one part of their long obedience in the same direction and starting a new part of their journey.

What kind of year did you have?

As soon as the priests touched the water, the water stopped.

“And the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Today I will begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel, so they may know that I am with you as I was with Moses.’”
-Joshua 3:7

God wanted them all to know that as He was with them in the past, He would be with them in the future.

One person from each family was to pick up a rock and carry it with them to the other side.

The pile of stones would be a way for them to remember.

The pile of stones would be a way for them to remember God’s faithfulness.

This was a reminder to them and to their children.

They crossed the Jordan together and so do we.

Our piles of rocks will serve as reminders of God’s faithfulness.


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