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After Hours AM with author of "You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening!" Dr. Edwige


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On an uplifting edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we speak with Dr. Edwige Bingue, spiritual advisor, healer, and author of You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening! Journey To Discovering Your Soul Purpose, Joy And Abundant Life. Dr. Edwige will join us in hour 2 – in hour 1 Joel and Eric will run through the week’s paranormal and weird news and ponder the meaning of it all.
According to Dr. Edwige, we have chosen our own journey. For many, this alone is difficult to comprehend and believe, but, she says, it is true. Whether a conscious choice, or unconscious, we choose our circumstances. If you desire to create change in your life, or completely change the direction that your life is going, the choice is yours. The power is completely in your hands, or better, your consciousness. Intimately and without restraints,
You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening!
You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening! allows people to embrace their multi-dimensional self, get comfortable with unexpected experiences that are helping them to raise their frequency, and give a hearty welcome to benevolent beings waiting in the wings to help the transition. Filled with keen wisdom, practices and processes, this book opens the door for someone to become a “conscious thinker.” Dr. Edwige touches on a wide variety of subjects to advance awakening: soul retrieval, clearing and clarifying energy, astral travel and grounding, past-life regression, heart-opening exercises, lucid dreaming, living a multi-dimensional existence, visualization and intentional manifesting, integrating life force energy, spiritual empowerment, rejection of and power over non-beneficial energies, and methods to increase one’s vibrational level.
Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue describes some of her personal experiences that impacted her life journey in significant ways. Some of these events were painful, some may seem to be bizarre, even outlandish. But they happened. This book will change your perspective about every aspect of your life, with clear and simple techniques to expand your vision of life and how you are going about it. After reading You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening! and putting these easy methods into regular practice, it is inevitable that your life will change. Your consciousness will be transformed. You will become very clear about your purpose: and will do it with ease and grace. And best of all you will know that you were never crazy, because you will be awakened!
Dr. EdwigeDr. Edwige
Dr. Edwige Bingue is a
LightBody mentor, spiritual advisor, author, and speaker.
Dr. Edwige’s spiritual journey began at the early age of 12, when she was often visited by “benevolent beings of light.” Little did she know what was to come. During that adventure they took her flying among the stars, landing on a bridge and diving into the depths of the ocean. She was shown that she came into this existence with fourth dimensional consciousness – that she was a child of the stars and could move through time and space at will, knowing that life on Earth was but a short stop on her path to mastery.
Then one winter day in 2004, the calling came. It was time to begin the process of awakening to her soul’s purpose. She discerned that it was her destiny to be a bridge between heaven and earth. Dr. Edwige discovered she was gifted by Divine Source the ability to clear energies that are blocking the flow of someone’s Higher-Self from moving fully into one’s third dimensional body and consciousness. Her skills enable her to raise a person’s vibration and frequency, and to activate one’s lightbody by triggering codes deep within that person’s DNA. The lightbody activation that she performs restores a person’s individual Divine Blueprint. Edwige’s lifelong dream was to be a singer and she accomplished that with performances at Madison Square Garden and the 1998 Super Bowl.


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