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After Hours AM with Glen Vaudrey


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My interest in the paranormal and folklore goes back as far as I can remember; my interest in cryptozoology however began more recently, going back a decade to when I was living in the Outer Hebrides, a chain of islands off the west coast of Scotland.

I am now a full time professional artist and author with a number of books to my name. I have written several volumes in the CFZ Mystery Animals of Britain series: The Mystery Animals of the Western Isles (2009); The Mystery Animals of the Northern Isles (2011); and The Mystery Animals of Staffordshire (2013) co-written with Nick Redfern. I am currently writing further books in the series.

I am also the author of Sea Serpent Carcasses Scotland: Stronsa Monster to Loch Ness (2012), the first in a series of books detailing reports of sea serpent strandings worldwide.

For BBC Radio Scotland I write ‘Glen’s Grooves’, a weekly feature for the Morton Through Midnight show, in which I provide a paranormal tale to introduce a track from my eclectic record collection. Stories from this series will be appearing in a new book to be published later this year.

I am one of the UK's leading researchers of tales concerning the tradition and reported sightings of the Scottish waterhorse in all its many guises.

While I have seen a UFO, lived in a haunted house and even encountered a cloven-hoofed devil I have yet to see a cryptid in the flesh.

I am also a rather good artist with sales and a following worldwide.


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