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All In The Family


As I mentioned last week, in this genealogy of Adam, Cain is not mentioned. This tells us a couple of things. Cain has been exiled away from God’s presence and from his parents. After we saw his family bloodline in chapter 4, his genealogy is never mentioned again. Abel now is also not mentioned here. Cain because of his prideful heart and Abel now dead at the hand of Cain, leaves a need for God’s word to be fulfilled that there will be from Eve, a Seed that would come to bruise Satan’s head. God’s plan for salvation will have to come through another son. As we will see, this bloodline will lead us right to Noah, where only he and his family will be rescued from the flood. Let’s take note here that the word says Adam begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth. When God created Adam, he created him in His own Image.


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