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In the paranormal world allison jornlin is the equivalent of a heavy metal rock star! yes i know that is serious but so is allison!! influenced early on by the late great chicago ghost hunter richard t. crowe allison started down the path of the paranormal & never looked back. in 20o8 she started> milwaukee ghosts: tours & Investigations which was the first of it’s kind in her home city. from there she went on to launch further tours and began presenting talks at Paranormal Conferences & events on a spectrum of topics from poltergiests to possessions, cryptid creatures to ufos & everything in between. in fact Allison was the Recipient of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference’s 2016 Wisconsin Researcher of the Year Award!!

All of that however was just this paranormal rock stars warm up act. Allison has been featured on countless tv, radio, & podcast programs, she has contributed research to books & articles, & has a book of her own in the works! in addition you can often find allison working with paranormal teams to investigate historic buildings, providing witness interviews and archival research to facilitate their efforts. somehow or another all of that is not enough to keep her busy! Allison also has a series titled “haunted road trips” were she embarks on adventures visting reported haunted locations & films them for all to see including, get ready for this part!! including all 59 locations of the recent chicago mothman sightings!!!! you read that correctly!! Allison jornlin ventered out to each & every spot in & around the chicagoland area were since last spring people have been reporting seeing a creature the likes of the mothman of west virginia in 1966. if you do not believe me you can see it all for yourselves on her> youtube channel right after you listen to this show!!

hold on I am almost done here & then you can go ahead & listen to the show!! I have to tell you that allison will be one of the featured guest speakers at the 2018 hawaii para-con!! the 1st of its kind!! so start saving for the trip right now & you can get all the details here> hawaii para-con 2018

oh did i happen to mention the fact that allison also happens to be a…………… teacher!!!!!!! Yep thats right!! on top of operating ghost tours & investigations!! on top of giving paranormal presentations!! on top of writting books & appearing on tv & radio!!, on top of winning awards & working with various paranormal teams!! On top of being a paranormal road warrior going on haunted road trips & hunting mothman!!! and even on top of being a guest speaker at the hawaii para-con…….she teaches the 4th grade!!!!!! ok well at least now you see why allison is the same caliber of a thunderous heavy metal rock star!! now you will understand why she is now called the “iron maiden” of the paranormal!!!!


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