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Miguel Fasa - Miguel is a singer, songwriter and actor who will be talking to us about his passion for music, his acting career and his brand new EP "Still Standing".

Girl Crush - Girl Crush is a brand that transcends so many facets of art.  Girl Crush is a singer, song writer, actress and fashion designer.  She's talking about everything she's doing and her passion to spread love and entertain the world.  She released her new song "Anything For You".


 Hate is a disgusting trait among humans and now it's taking over this country.  We are fighting hate with hate.  Hate groups trying to enforce their beliefs on everyone and change the fundamentals of this country.  Media is taking things and spinning it to fuel the hate.  We are hearing ONLY what we want to hear.  This will not solve the problem.  I tell you why this won't from my perspective and why we should reject these rogue hate groups that embody every race in this country.  THERE IS NO ROOM FOR HATE AND DIVISION.


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