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An Hour of Metal: Space is the Place (feat Jason William Steffen

An Hour of Metal: Space is the Place (feat Jason William Steffen


Cheers, and welcome to 'An Hour of Metal with Jason William Steffen'. This edition focuses on all things cosmic and interstellar. 'Space is the Place' is out theme and lets kick it off with some rad tunes.

Vektor – LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)

I've been a Vektor fan since the early demo days and always knew they would take over the world. Little did I know that they would conquer the galaxy as well! Their newest album 'Terminal Redux' is a beast of a concept album. Whether that's your bag or not, you're sure to dig LCD. Tons of great riffage, locked in grooves, and those glass shattering screams of Mr. Disanto. Check them out live as they sound even better! Sci-Fi or Die as they say.

Ayreon – Dawn of A Million Days Definitely the biggest and goofiest of prog supergroups, Arjen Lucassen has made a career out of convoluted and pompous double albums featuring just about every high profile metal vocalist you can think of. 'The Universal Migrator' albums may be the shining example for people looking to get into the band and the performance by Symphony X's Russell Allen is one of his best. Epic big bang keyboards will ruin your life.

Blood Incantation – Chaosplasm In a world of overproduced slamtech clone bands its nice to see folks taking on cosmic themes with a little more old school grit. Not that this is toned down in any way. Blood Incantation deliver crushing death metal the way you like it with just enough flair to set themselves from the pack. This year's 'Starspawn' is a solid listen from beginning to end and I can't wait to hear more from this young band.

Wormed – Krighsu Speaking of overproduced slamtech clone bands.... if you had to pick one in the pack it has to be Wormed. You can find tons of groups trying to do what these guys do, but without that little knack, that tightness, the atmosphere, the depths of chaotic brutal finesse. They somehow take what dozens are doing and doing it so much better that the rest come off as amateurs. 'Krighsu' is a tight album through and through after the excellent 'Exodromos' a few years back. If abrasive unrelenting cosmic death is your bag, this is sure to make you feel battered and worthless. If the sci-fi influence doesn't tickle you, then just let the sheer heaviness destroy your weak life.

Iron Savior – Starborn To change things up... its time for German power metal! I'm a new fan to Iron Savior, but can't wait to dig through some hidden gems I missed! Something about the way they do it is so authentically classic heavy metal. Power metal has had a rough couple of years, but I see it steadily coming back as long as people keep jamming out classics like this. If you dig the soaring vocals and shreddage but can't do the flutey dragon stuff, Iron Savior will satiate your need for speed. And for you trivia nerds you'll hear Kai Hansen of Helloween/Gamma Ray fame all over this thing.

Artificial Brain – Bastard Planet Holy crap, I loved this album when it came out. Its got that Wormed vibe, but with less focus on the punch to the gut and more of a sizzling of the senses. The band somehow soothes and relaxes while still being pummeling. There's a lot of feeling going into this music and it washes over you like a wave. Just wait for those keyboard breaks and let the fuzz consume you. They were a great opener to MDF 2015 and I can't wait to hear what they have planned next.

Oranssi Pazuzu – Hypnotisoitu Vijarukous


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