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Annihilation THE MOVIE


In the 31st episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch Annihilation, directed and written by Alex Garland, based on the book by Jeff VanderMeer. We discuss the complicated relationship between the diverse mostly-female cast, allegations of white-washing, and the handling of the sole queer female character who suffered the most gruesome on-screen death. We highlight the numerous changes from the book such as the addition of a geomorphologist to the team, the replacement of the surveyor and anthropologist with a physicist and paramedic, and the fact that all the characters were addressed by their names in the film instead of solely by their profession. We describe how the film's tendency to provide us with answers for every encountered phenomenon compared with our experience reading the book which actively avoided providing explanations. We address the twist ending with numerous references to Inception and we provide our own interpretations of what we believe happened to Lena.
Finally, we questioned if Alex Garland is Jeff VanderMeer's green, alien double and if he ran away with the script after 10 minutes of interpretive dance-fighting.


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