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Are We Rooted and Grounded in the Faith?

Are We Rooted and Grounded in the Faith?


The scriptures tell us that many are deceived and some are falling away from the faith of Christ. Jesus tells us that the devil comes immediately after the word is sown, and through tribulation or persecution takes away the word sown in their hearts.

The Lord is looking to add to his church daily, but are the ministers of God equipped and ready with the commands and doctrine of the Lord, and teachers of the faith to faithfully ground the saints of God as we will see in the scripture?

It is for this reason, the lack of rooting and grounding in the word of God, that much of the current generation saved through the evangelists of the previous generation have become a generation whose later end was worse than their beginning. It is also this reason that many churches today lack new converts to Christ, as people today are applauded for coming rather than commanded to repent, be baptized, turn to the Lord and continue daily learning and growing into the fullness of Christ daily. As ministers of Christ, houses and ministries of God, we should be warning every man to repent, live lives worthy of the gospel of Christ they have heard and received - even as Paul and Peter and the men of God we read about in the Book of Acts.

Consequently, many churches today have become recycling centers of those seeking for a better experience rather than those who are willing to die for their faith in Christ. When their faith is tested, it is those same people who fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, false teachers, and doctrines of devils.

Additionally, in the past decade, very few have been saved compared to previous generations. This is Lord's doing, knowing what their latter end will be for not becoming true disciples of Him.

Yet, God will raise up this Joshua generation who will become rooted and grounded in the faith, standing strong for the name of Jesus Christ. These will be those who have the FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST, and DO THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, and not the commandments of men. Don't miss this critical and timely word.


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