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Are We Running Our Race with Certainty?

Are We Running Our Race with Certainty?


As those who are called and sent by God, He has purposed from the foundation of this world that we be found in Him holy, blameless, walking in love toward one another, seeking and serving in His Kingdom with all our hearts minds, souls, and strength.  

While we do this, going from faith to faith and glory to glory by God’s Holy Spirit, we as those who continue to grow daily into the image and likeness of Jesus, the Holy Spirit continually reveals the mysteries and prophecies of the scripture that we are ordained to walk in from the foundation of this world to our glory and the praise of God.  

Yet, like Jesus, there are times when those who seek their own glory will question whether you are coming to do your own will or the will of God who sends you.  And like Jesus who is the firstborn among many brethren, whom continually dealt with the questions, accusations and plans of the Pharisees, God will use those things to reveal to others the call of God you have been prepared to walk in through the eternal scriptures written about you as you continue to seek the Lord , read, and study His word and that your progress in your high calling may be evident to all.

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