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Arthur Conan Doyle's Spiritualism & Sherlock Holmes Anniversary


On the anniversary of Sherlock Holmes' debut, writer Kelvin C. Jones converses about the detective and Arthur Conan Doyle's career as a psychic investigator. Doyle, the renowned creator of the iconic literary character, was also at one time the head of the British spiritualist movement. In this fascinating account of his investigations into the spirit world, Kelvin Jones, author of ‘Conan Doyle & The Spirits,’ 'Conan Doyle & The Mediums,' and many definitive books on Holmes, provides a blow by blow account of several seances attended by Doyle and his forensic investigations into the authenticity of famous mediums of the early 20th century. He also examines Doyle’s take on spirit photography, and that Doyle, far from being ingenuous, possessed a keen and acutely analytical mind when attempting to distinguish between truth and fraud in spiritualist circles.


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