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Author Diane Moat Joins Us for the First Time


Diane Moat is an author, nurse, attorney and dog rescuer. Born a Yankee, she travelled to Nashville as a tourist, and loved it so much she didn’t leave. She has now been “down south” for long enough that she uses “y’all” and “you guys” interchangeably. For her 50th birthday, she decided to venture into writing. What started as a small project produced her first dramatic novel, “Dog Gone”. The story combines her love of animals with her fantasy of being able to stop animal abusers. After “Dog Gone”, came a young adult novel, “Guardian of the Way”. Thoroughly bitten by the writing bug, Diane next began her middle grade series: “The Supernatural Pet Sitter”. This award winning children’s series follows the adventures of a young gnome as she pet-sits magical animals. A family series for all ages, the third installment in the series is scheduled for release in February.


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