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Author Timothy W Carroll Sits Down with Us


Timothy W. Carroll began writing prose and poetry during his early teenage years. Timothy's writings began as something very private and very personal. It was a form ofjournaling for him.

From a very early age Timothy secretly began to suffer from serious bouts of anxiety and depression; emotions that he simply did not understand. He discovered early on that reading and writing were a healthy escape from these up and down, unexplained emotions.

As Timothy reached his mid-teens, his secret battle with anxiety and depression only deepened. Like so many people, he began masking those negative feelings with getting high, drunk and engaging in other negative behaviors.

Thus, the nomadic journey that is NOMAD began.

Today, Timothy lives in Sunny Florida with his wife, Tina. They have six adult children and enjoy being grandparents to several grandchildren.

Timothy continues to seek out his life passion: To teach others how to avoid the unhealthy nomad life. And to teach those who have found themselves trapped in that solitary place, how to find new hope and meaning for their lives, through Christ.


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