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Behind the Line Radio - Ep 027: Apocalypse Now and GDC Survey


Hello Enthusiacs! This week we have a pair of guests, and a pair of topics, making this behind the line squared! If that joke wasn't too lame for you, there's another lame one in the show that you can't miss. Enthusiacs own Baron Fang joins in to start the show, followed by returning guest Lorenzo. Each discuss the recent Game Developers Conference state of the industry survey report. A few shocking things are in there (people are still developing for the PSP!?), and some interesting points like the fact that no one seems to know what to make of the mid cycle console updates like the PS4 Pro XBox Scorpio. After that, we discuss Francis Ford Coppola trying to make an Apocalypse Now video game. There are signs that it isn't a complete waste of everyone's time. The kickstarter is prone to some strange fluff, though.

To cap it off, a description of the forbidden game that we don't play anymore...


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