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First off I want to apologize for getting these episodes out so long after recording them. I’m used to a bi weekly schedule and things have been so busy with extra recording dates, extra shifts at work and keeping my kids extra time it all adds up to make getting episodes out in a reasonable timeframe tough to do. The last one should have been out earlier for sure. I assure you, anyone who is interested in keeping up with the show I am always working on the next episode and will be putting them out as quickly as I can. I appreciate your patience.

This is the second part of a long recording session. We had Michael Sherlock skype in with us, which you’ll know if you listened to the last episode and after the break we had another hour and a half long discussion on a bunch of topics. This episode is that discussion. This is
episode 21, and is the second part of our recording on October 25th, 2014 with me, Mike, Destin, Rene and Dave.


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