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Bob Cranmer-The Demon of Brownsville Road

Bob Cranmer-The Demon of Brownsville Road


Bob Cranmer is a Veteran of the U.S. Army where he held the rank of Major and through his career was appointed command of several companies including the 101st Airborne Division. Bob was also awarded several distinguished medals and badges which marked his Military Service to the country as a very esteemed tour of duty.

After leaving the Military Bob began working for the communication giant AT&T in New Jersey and soon was able to transfer to Pittsburgh where he grew up. In the years that followed Bob also entered the political arena and eventually served as the County Commissioner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Relocating back to Pittsburgh as the Cranmer family did was always their intent, and it was there in the house they purchased on Brownsville Road where the horrific nightmare they endured happened. As a child growing up in that very community Bob had always been facinated with the house at 3406 Brownsville Road and often stood admiring it whishing he could see the inside, and dreamed that one day he would own it himself.

In December of 1988 the dream Bob had as a child became a reality when in the very same week he and his wife started looking for a house to buy the one on Brownsville Road mysteriously went up for sale. However soon after the purchase of the house for his family it did not take long for Bob's once dream to turn into a hellish nightmare that one would only exspect to find in a movie or novel.

Just a few weeks after moving in the Cranmers started experiencing strange and unexplainable occurrences such as hearing footsteps at night and knockings on the walls. Some mornings they would wake to find a radio which was off the night before now playing and all the lights turned on, and one light in particulier in a closet that gave Bob daily issues with the pull chain. These and other rather eerie but harmless activities carried on for several years, but the family learned to live with them and accepted the fact that there was a ghost in their house.

Eventually the whole situation took a dark and violent turn for the worse and it became very clear that what they were dealing with was not just the spirit of a long dead resident of the house, but something that was pure evil. Bob began suffering attacks from the unseen force where he would often get scratched and bitten. Manifestations of dark figures accompanied by horrific stenches were occurring. The family as a unit began to break apart as the demonic presence was influencing their personalities and mental states to the point of hospitalization. They would find rancid unknown liquids around the house as well as broken crucifixes and what seemed to be blood splattered on the walls.

Plan on tuning in to The Witching Hour when Bob Cranmer will be here to share the true story of the dark history behind the house and what they went through and survived. Find out what actions they took to battle the demonic entity including the assistance from the Roman Catholic Church. This is definitely a tale you will not want to miss, and one that you may want to leave your lights on for.

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