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Cara Filler


Cara Filler lost her identical twin sister in an accident caused by distracted driving. In this episode of the Wood County Prevention Coalition Podcast, Cara shares her views of the distracted driving phenomenon and the dangers it entails.

Later in October, Cara will visit Wood County as part of Red Ribbon Week. Several presentations will be offered to students at area schools, and one special evening has been scheduled for October 26 at 7 p.m.when the entire community is invited to the Bowling Green High School auditorium for a presentation by Filler.

Parental guidance is ENCOURAGED.

This podcast is intended for educational purposes only. The views expressed on the podcast are solely of the individuals, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Wood County Educational Service Center or the Wood County Prevention Coalition.

Music courtesy of Breaking Grace (www.breakinggrace.us). Featuring the songs What Do You Want and Heart So Cold, off of their album Redemption Road. Copyright 2014 by Breaking Grace. Used with permission.


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