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Changing the World One Orgasm at a Time with Michael Schuessler


On Ready for Love radio this week, I talk with Michael Schuessler about how he helps people to improve their love lives and sex life. He also helps people to understand that it all begins with learning to love ourselves….

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If you miss the show on Thursday, check back here for the replay.

These are some of the things we discuss —

Michael’s early sexual experiences
Deeper knowledge about the g-spot & orgasms
Patience & communication
Ego and intimacy
Definition of Self – Love
And much more….
Holy G RailAbout The Holy G-Rail

A self-help, relationship, stamina, and confidence-building book, promoting POWERFUL ORGASMS . It is a quick easy read and simple to accomplish. The G-spot has NEVER before been approached in this way before, by relating the male’s genitalia, to that of the females, or through the sensation of touch.

It Also shows the dualities between the fabled “HOLY GRAIL” and the beautiful women that are within our presence daily. The book pays tribute to them and reminds us to continually cherish them for they hold within them this beautiful chalice of eternal youth, life and of seemingly immortality.

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