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ComicImpact Ep.476 Pick of The Week January 28th 2015 - The Multiversity GuideBook #1


On this weeks episode we talk about a lot of amazing comics from the week of January 28th 2015 such as Casanova: Acedia #1, King Flash Gordon #1, Thor #4 Munchkins #1 and Batman #38 where we find out why the Joker might be a blood sucking vampire and now that he is immortal. Let's not forget THE PICK OF THE WEEK The Multiversity GuideBook #1 by Grant Morrison.

That’s not all! We talk TV and the NBC’s Heroes sequel and learn about Sheldon's rise to becoming the next big next action star in the world of fencing.

So put on your headphones and rock out with a new episode of the Comic Impact Pick of the Week podcast.


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