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ComicImpact Ep.505 Pick of the Week: September 9th 2015 Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1


Hey Impactors! and welcome to the Pick Of Week! (or the weekly POW. see what we did there? we're so crafty) it's a special episode as we have the entire gang in the house, which means more in depth reviews, stronger opinions, and 100% more opportunity to talk shit to each other. on the episode: releases for sept. 9th! we talk Planet Hulk #5 and the ending of some of the Secret Wars tie-ins in general. we discover the fantastic new title Head Lopper by Image that took us all by surprise. we put Batman #44 front and center, but not everyone sees eye to eye on it. and we wrap up the episode with our love of all things Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1 and let the wild and unfounded theories fly. also our stalking game is strong like none other. PRESS PLAY!


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