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Conspirinormal Episode 190- Brian Godawa 4/Jason Fabok (Remnant/Comic Art and the Paranormal)


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Recorded November 21st, 2017

We return from our two week hiatus with an extra long show with two guests.

First we speak to Jason Fabok about some of his experiences with the paranormal. Jason is an artist for DC comics and is very interested in the topics we talk about on the show. We discuss with Jason some of his encounters with the paranormal, how he got into the comics business and his current work on a special issue of Swamp Thing.

Second, Brian Godawa joins us for his fourth time on the show. We speak to Brian about his new book "Remnant" the second installment of his "Chronicles of the Apocalypse" series. Brian gets a little deeper int the Preterist view of End Times Prophecy and how it has influenced his work. We also discuss some of what is going on in Hollywood right now.

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