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Criticizing Islam


There's a debate going on in the public about the criticism of religion and in particular criticism of Islam. Lately Sam Harris has been criticized by many who, in my opinion, take his quotes out of context. This episode touches on the subject of Islam and the criticisms brought forth by Sam Harris and we get into it pretty good. Ultimately, I think we came to a kind of common ground but I hope that you enjoy this episode and come away thinking about both sides a little more deeply than many in the media have been. Or even those who are considered intellectuals have. There’s been a lot of dishonesty and misrepresentation of opponents going on. I hope, because we as a group respect each other, we managed to break through that a little bit and get closer to a reasonable way to think about the subject. Of course, it wouldn't be Brainstorm if we didn't geek out a little bit first. This is episode 19 and is the second part of our recording session on October 18, 2014 with me, Mike, Rene, Destin, and Dave.


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