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Crucible of "Legends"


Joe "The Brutal One" is joined by a new co-host, Alex Bagosy, as DER returns with a slightly new format, focusing more on Legends coverage, as well as news involving Star Wars fans themselves.

In this episode, Daisy Ridley politely turns down an invitation from one Star Wars fan to join him at a dance at his local college, a billboard from the "Bring Back Legends" camp goes up in San Francisco - and gets responded to by "Aftermath" author Chuck Wendig, and then our main topic of discussion centers specifically on the epilogue of the EU novel "Crucible," and how it both parallels and differs with "The Force Awakens," as well as what could have been if Disney had continued the storyline where "Crucible" effectively ends the Expanded Universe with the events in its epilogue.

All of that and more await your audio receptors, so hit that play button!


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