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Décembre 2015 (HQ)


XIIth NIGHT / Collectors Item (GB-1991)
The ZOMBIES / Odessey & Oracle (GB-1968)
The ZOMBIES / Still Got That Hunger (GB-2015)
EYES OF BLUE / In Fields of Ardath (GB-1969)
Al STEWART / Orange (GB-1972)
BEGGAR's OPERA / Waters of Change (GB-1971)
FUCHSIA / Same (GB-1971)
KHATSATURJAN / Beast, Machine & Man (FIN-2015)
CLOUD OVER JUPITER / Jupiter Rising (USA-2015)
OSSICLES / Same (NOR-2015)
Bruce SOORD / Same (GB-2015)
TOXIC SMILE / Farewell (D-2015)
ARCHIVE / You All Look the Same to Me (GB-2002)


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