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Deterra Drug Deactivation System

Deterra Drug Deactivation System


In 2014, health care providers wrote 480 million opioid prescriptions. Of those, 70% of those pills remain unused and available for abuse. Every day, 2,500 new kids begin abusing opioids. Three out of four people with heroin dependence began with prescription opioids. Less than half of prescription drugs that are flushed down the toilet are removed by water treatment facilities.

So what do we do about it?

A company called Verde Technologies has introduced a product called Deterra Drug Deactivation System. The pouch, which comes in several sizes, renders pills, liquids and patches ineffective for misuse and is environmentally friendly.

The company has two goals:
1) Fighting abuse and misuse of drugs
2) Reduce contamination of water and air

Learn how they accomplish those goals with Deterra Drug Deactivation System in this episode of the Wood County Prevention Coalition Podcast.

Learn more about Deterra at www.deterrasystem.com

Parental guidance is ENCOURAGED.

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