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DJ Pringle Part One


My interview with DJ Pringle, the son of wrestling legend and WWE Hall Of Famer Paul Bearer, was a highlight reel for wrestling fans. Notable subjects include.....walking step by step through Wrestlemania weekend for his dad's Hall Of Fame induction.....pleasantly surprising Ultimate Warrior with a memento from his past out of DJ's Dad's old office full of keepsakes.....going to Disneyland with Edge & Christian as a kid and doing 5-second poses with them for autograph seekers and picture-takers.....who knew that Undertaker's streak was ending that night?....the personal relationship with 2 very private and gimmick-protective men like Taker and Kane....Mr. T's induction speech going long and whether Vince McMahon blew a gasket.....the special bond among 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers......what are the McMahons REALLY like?.....growing up kayfabe during an era where the business was more protected....where did the Paul Bearer "OH YES!" catchphrase originate from? Lots of great stuff!


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