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Donna Gentile Story and Why Teens Run Away

Donna Gentile Story and Why Teens Run Away


On this episode of Ready for Love radio, we are going to talk about an unsolved true crime case from San Diego in 1985, the Donna Gentile case. She was a beautiful young woman in her early 20s from Philadelphia who had run away from home in her late teens. It is an interesting case and my guest is her first cousin, Anita DeFrancesco, who has written a book about the case, and is continuing to give a voice to Donna and to other victims as well. Join us to learn much more about Donna’s story, the details surrounding the case, and we’ll dig into details on why teens run away.

Premiering Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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An interview with Anita on News 8 –

The Murder of Donna Gentile: San Diego Policing and Prostitution 1980-1993 –
“NHI” No Human Involved | Donna Gentile | Original TV Coverage – (the beginning of the video is rough video but it clears up and includes her testimony)
The Donna Gentile Story – Paperback $16.99 –

The Donna Gentile Story – Kindle $7.99 –

Nikki Leigh’s Love Accept and Respect Yourself Program –

Some of the things we discussed –

Who was Donna
Was she from San Diego or did she leave home to go there?
Tell us about her life there.
Prostitution and its evolvement to sex work
Prostitution and Police
You talk about a scandal and a sting
You say Donna was ahead of the times and embarking on the MeToo movement
What is NHI, how did that term come about.
Why was Donna an NHI
Why did you write the book
Why is her autopsy still sealed
About Anita DeFrancesco –

Anita DeFrancesco,M.A. Founder of Tantra Wisdom. Modern Sex & Relationship Coach, Psychotherapist, Author of “Live Free” and “The Donna Gentile Story” . Podcast: Mindfulness-Sexuality-Relationships. Currently living in Philadelphia, Penn., Anita is author, teacher, actress, therapist, and world traveler. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and is an active member of SAG/AFTRA. She teaches Yoga and is founder of Tantra Wisdom, offering regular classes on bonded relationships based on love, connection, and spirituality. Facebook Group Tantra Wisdom


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