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Don’t Put God In A Box


David for the first time in a long time is at a place of peace. God has brought him through many battles, many trials and now everything that Samuel had prophesied over him has come to pass. In this time of rest, David recognizes all God has done for him and while his heart is honorable here toward God, David does something that many tend to do. He wants to do something for God. David is in a nice palace made of cedar, a far cry from the caves and camps he was used to. Cedar wood was very valuable and I’m sure that his palace was decked out to the max. So in his heart, David recognizes that he is living in a much nicer place than where the ark of God is staying. Ever sense God gave Moses the commandment to make the ark, it has dwelled in temporary quarters, in a tent that can be dismantled and relocated whenever and wherever God Led.


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