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Dr. Dominique Goerlitz / Gattenbrink Controversy


TME receives groundbreaking access as the first member of American media to interview Dominique Goerlitz on the Great Pyramid discovery & controversy. He spoke about how the proverbial apple-cart of Egyptology is going to be upset one more time by the recent discovery of iron inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt by two German researchers. In April 2013, Dr. Dominique Goerlitz and private researcher Stefan Erdmann discovered what prior investigators might have labeled the impossible: On the ceiling of the King’s Chamber of the Cheops pyramid, they found a black patina which mainly contains a thin patina of iron that responded to magnets. This finding will, once again, compel archeologists everywhere to re-evaluate their Bronze Age criteria and assessments. It will open a new doorway to the past and demonstrate, again, that the ancient Egyptian civilization was much more highly developed than modern scholars believe today.


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