Bro, do you even talk pinball?

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Ep. 22: Guest: PinballJoe, White Water review, GotG hype, pinball lifestyle agreements


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Interview: Joe Said "PinballJoe" of PinballEdu

News and Updates:

- Guardians of the Galaxy revealed (pics courtesy of This Week in Pinball)
- NYC Pinball Championships May 18-20, 2018 Details:
- Stern of the Union: Code updates coming for Star Wars, Batman 66, Ghostbusters, Aerosmith and KISS
- Heads-up pinball championship - took place Oct. 28. Winner: Raymond Davidson (won an AS)
- The Sanctum final battle: Nov. 4, Winner: Trent Augenstein
- Correction on remake flippers
- Buffalo stuff: Fall Brawl, NY State Championships at GameOn Jan. 20, Stern Pro Circuit
- Kevin and Nick's gameroom updates

Pinball Lifestyle Agreements
Review: White Water (Williams, 1993)
Viewer/Listener Q&A

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