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Ep 24 Family Values w/Dan King

Ep 24 Family Values w/Dan King


Dan King joins in the babbling fun of family games

(this episode is dedicated to my dad - Barry)

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***Things that make us go Hmmm!*** 9:12
Xia is back on Kickstarter
Descent : Road to Legend is free
Spiel nominations, KennerSpiel, Pandemic Legacy, Isle of Skye, Time Stories, honorable mention Blood Rage
Finca being reprinted by Crash of Games!

***The Good, The Bad & The Ugly*** 20:48
New York 1901

***What game is behind the door*** 39:23
Game show with Dan King the Game Boy Geek

***The Babble*** 1:09:45

For me, family games are the best part of this hobby. It’s a time where we leave particular corner of the house and meet face to face in one room (maybe in Dan’s case it’s an orange room!) It’s that time where I, personally, have the fondest memories of my past family and present. And playing a fun family game makes those memories more prominent than the time you were were up every hour to someone being sick. Or the day you sliced of a chunk of your finger at work, a day before you had to perform two concerts, on two consecutive days. Or…

So what are the key ingredients that make a family game a great family game?
Is it the theme?
Is it the player count?
Is it the playing time?
Is it the the fact you can backstab or work as a team?
Is it the mechanisms?
Is it the playing pieces themselves?
Make a list of your top 3 family games everybody should own for family.

Let us know your TOP 3 family games on our Bard Game Geek Guild

***Dan King Secret Song*** 1:45:03


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