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Ep 30. It Does What?

Ep 30. It Does What?


We'll be Babbling about rules explanations and advise that we would give. And if you have any advise too, join us or leave a comment in the guild.
Also giving an in dept analysis of The Networks

***Introduction and Compatition*** 2:27
Fantasy football
Lost music & Lost video

***Things that make you go hmmmm*** 8:33
Small World expansion
Myriad Games Lawsuit
Box opening videos...grrrr!

***The good the not so bad and the ugly*** 23:17
Codenames Pictures
Dancing eggs
Legendary Inventors

***Knights of Babblelot*** 42:42
We make an analysis of the game "The Networks" and see if it is worthy to make it onto the round table at Babblelot

***The Babble*** 1:24.35:00
“It does WHAT!” is a question that I hate getting asked while I’m teaching a game.
Teaching rules to a game correctly can make or a game. Have a game taught to you in a particular way will make you go and buy it immediately. Even if it is a pile of 6 year old bag of jerky. What tips can we give about teaching game…


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