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Episode 1 Ben Ben the invincible!!!


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‘Ben-Ben The Invincible!!’



Join Chris and Gareth for the inaugural episode of ‘The Intro Deck’ Podcast, where Chris will be showing of his new Budget Goblin deck helmed by Krenko and his long lost cousin from across the multiverse: Ben-Ben!

The Duo also discuss the 2 ‘Eldrazi m’’...pardon ‘Eldritch moon’ spoilers giving their two cents (or in this case pennies, as they are British) on the strange things happening on Innistrad.

Time Stamps:
These are taken from a few seconds before the actual topic start so it doesn’t Jar listeners
0:00 - Intro
8:50 - The £20 budget magic challenge
10:36 - What is modern?
13:10 - Chris’s £20 Modern Goblins
57:18 - Tappedout account
58:57 - Next time on ‘The Intro Deck’
59:58 - ‘Eldritch moon’ spoilers
67:30 - Sign offs and how to get in touch.

Intro and outro music: "The Longshoreman" by Blue Dot Sessions


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