Half Machine Lip Moves

category: Music

Episode 19: 10/29/2017


Full playlist at https://goo.gl/NMPyMt | In honor of Halloween, we did an episode that (mostly) featured music from horror movie soundtracks, along with some other surprises. I hope everybody has (or had) a great Halloween!

Artists played: Fabio Frizzi; Kenneth Higgins & Jim Calabrese; Disasterpeace; Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave; Umberto; Alessandro Alessandroni; Andrzej Korzynski; Atrax Morgue; John Carpenter; Coil; Goblin; David Ichikawa; Walter Rizzati; Claudio Simonetti/Fabio Pignatelli/Massimo Morante; Pseudo Echo; In Slaughter Natives; Sephiroth; Graeme Revell; Cyclobe; Umbra; Sinoia Caves; The Cramps; Shadow; Elsio Mancuso & Burt Rexon; Keith Emerson


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