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Episode 2 Eldrazicrats everywhere


Join Chris and Gareth for ‘The Intro Deck’ Podcast, where Gareth will be presenting his ‘Eldrazicrats’ Standard deck and letting us all know why killing your own creatures can be as much fun (if not more fun) than killing your opponents*!

The pair then discuss potential upgrades for both Standard and Modern, and begin to spill the beans on how they approach deckbuilding.

*Please note: ‘The Intro Deck’ does not condone or endorse murder, manslaughter, or any sort of real world killing of opponents, they purely mean ‘killing’ in the ‘making your opponent's lifetotal go down to zero’ sort of way...

Time Stamps:
These are taken from a few seconds before the actual topic start so it doesn’t Jar listeners
0:00 - Intro
0:40 - The £20 budget magic challenge recap
1:25 - What is an aristocrats deck
5:25 - Deck Tech
27:57 - Chris’s upgrades for Standard
38:20 - Gareth’s upgrades for Standard & Standard forecast.
46:00 - Chris’s upgrades for Modern
55:00 - An introduction to ‘Deck Building Ethos’
63:05 - Sign off

Intro and outro music: "The Longshoreman" by Blue Dot Sessions


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