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Episode 3 That 50 percent White Splash


Join Chris and Gareth for ‘The Intro Deck’ Podcast, This week Chris reports from his ‘Eldritch Moon’ Pre-release experience. With insights into the Sealed Format and how he built his deck, Chris shows off his new cards and talks about the deck he built: a Black, Green & White ‘Splash’ Humans Deck (Chris was sure it was a splash, but calling it a ‘White Belly flop’ might be more appropriate).

The duo also dip into discussion on a few of the other cards entering the market with Eldritch Moons release, and challenge YOU to build your own decks using Chris’s Sealed pool.

Time Stamps:
These are taken from a few seconds before the actual topic start so it doesn’t Jar listeners
0:00 - Intro & ‘What I played last week’
3:23 - Chris’s Pre-release and the Sealed Format
53:55 - End of Deck Tech and Discussion of ‘Meld’ cards
65:10 - Upgrades and How to upgrade in Standard
66:27 - Next week on ‘The Intro Deck’ podcast
67:25 - Contact The Intro Pack
68:45 - Sign off

Intro and outro music: "The Longshoreman" by Blue Dot Sessions


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