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Episode 4 Zombie nation, and some humans


The arrival of Eldritch Moon brings with it 5 new ‘Intro Packs’! Join Chris and Gareth as they discuss two unique upgrades made to their ‘Intro Pack’ and talk you through how start upgrading your own ‘Intro Pack’s at home! Chris champions the humans during their struggles on Innistrad, and Gareth makes a grave mistake with a certain card in his Zombie deck…

This episode is best listened to by having a copy of each deck list, you can check these out over at the gents ‘Tappedout’ page!

Time Stamps:
These are taken from a few seconds before the actual topic start so it doesn’t Jar listeners
0:00 - Intro & ‘What I played last week’
2:10 - What is an Intro Pack’
4:19 Gareth’s Upgrade of ‘Shallow Graves’
20:26 - Chris’s Upgrade of ‘Weapons and Wards’
37:35 - Cards to keep an eye on!
48:49 - Next time on ‘The Intro Deck’ podcast
50:36 - Contact us and sign off

Intro and outro music: "The Longshoreman" by Blue Dot Sessions


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