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Evolving Big Red and Thinking Differently


Episode Summary
Episode 43: Evolving Big Red and Thinking Differently
In this episode Davis and John discuss the evolution of the Big Red deck that has “caught fire” amongst their followers and continued to progress on MTGO through John, Andrew, and Davis. We talk about plans for the build we’d play this weekend and some of the bases we’ve explored with the deck for how you the listener might want to construct it. Following that we dive into some discussion of Davis’s article and how we can be thinking about Red in a non-traditional way. Finally we close out with our Brewer’s Corner, Mailbag, and Loose Change until next time. . .
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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:
(0:00) Introduction
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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Giveaways - Oscar Contest
(1:35) Tournament Report
You asked, we deliver. The Big Red Discussion:

Big Red / Sullivan Red Questions
Turbo Hulk
- Aggro Game 1, Control Game 1, or a hybrid?
- Single Card Discussion -> How individual cards we’ve rolled through feel
- Splashes vs Staying Mono Red, what they offer
- General Outline of what our weekend list would look like
Davis’s Think Differently article. Exploring Red outside of its traditionally turned to archetypes
Brief blurb about the stream (and upgrades!)
The Rise of Death’s Shadow
(1:06:47) A Message From Our Sponsor
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Mailbag (Skipped this week)
(included in Tournament Discussion)
Brewers Corner (Skipped this week)
(included in Tournament Discussion)
(1:07:32) Loose Change and Last Music Plays
Shoutout to John’s teammates Levi, Asa, and Paul for their 2nd place finish at #SCGBALT
Oscar Contest - Major Categories (Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Best Director) (winner gets two $25 Fandango gift cards)

John’s Picks: (Moonlight, Casey Affleck, Emma Stone, Jeff Bridges, Octavia Spencer, La La Land)

Davis’s Picks: (La La Land, Denzel Washington, Izabelle Huppert, Mahershala Ali, Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea)
Hidden Figures
Hell or High Water
The Arrival
Hacksaw Ridge
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea
(more info at
(1:21:42) Signing Off
(1:22:47) End
(All music courtesy of the Passion HiFi)


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