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GALLOWTREE 3: Stretched To The Limit (Ep 72)


The Master aligns his chakras to Monkchin's as Stretch endures his own personal odyessy - each challenge visited upon him reflected by the Tarot card reading made by his insidious enemy without his knowledge... or so he thinks.

The Master is manipulating both Stretch and Monkchin. Handling them like play things. Both physically and mentally. They are gripped in his... grip.

Will the erstwhile Victorian adventures survive this double jeopardy? Or, will they succumb to the Master's will and desires? Can they outwit the unseen? Are they even aware of what is actually happening as the acorn becomes an oak and they are a few conkers short of a game?

You will only find out in Galowtree episode 72 (and perhaps a few episodes to come...)

welcome to Gallowtree, again and again and again...


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