category: Comedy

GALLOWTREE 3: The Wizard of Uz (Ep 73)


With Monkchin a wreck on the Quercu and Stretch trying desperately to reactivate the Acorn so that they might return to their own timeline, what else could possibly go wrong?

Point 1: The Master.

Point 2: The Abyss.

Point 3: The Trap.

Point 4: Twister on the Tree of Life.

It will get worse before it even gets slightly better... if indeed it ever does.

The Gallowtree Convention might be the only thing that may save our heroes from a virtual (and a very real) death... at the hands of the Vengeful Master (who might just have mistaken Monkchin for The Doctor, and Stretch as his glamorous assistant.)

Who can tell... in Gallowtree, again and again and again...


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