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God’s Judgment Is Infallible


The last time we saw Esau, he rode in to meet Jacob. His countenance has changed and he and Jacob have amended their relationship. We also saw in our last study that they came together to bury their father Isaac. Now going back a little bit we know that Isaac had given Jacob the family blessing that culturally should have gone to Esau, but because he was deceived by Jacob and Rebekah, he gave it to Jacob instead. Isaac did however give a blessing to Esau, and we will cover that more in detail further in our study. But we know that Esau became a fairly wealthy man. With all the cattle, sheep and possessions, they couldn’t stay together in the same place. This reminds us of Abraham and Lot. They too had to separate because of their possessions. In both stories, one was led by God and one was not, and as we will see, the ones that were self-sufficient, not depending upon God, would eventually be brought down.


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