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Graham Nicholls / Out-of-Body Experiences


Experience the insights and joys of astral projection with Graham Nicholls on "The Mind's Eye" show as we discuss his latest "Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience—a personalized, accessible, science-based guide from a top authority in the field. Drawing on more than twenty years of study and countless OBEs that he has brought about in himself and others, Graham Nicholls shares proven techniques for leaving the body. Gain greater insight into your psychological makeup and strengths with a unique approach to self discovery. Learn to use your greater awareness to build a customized approach to projecting into the astral plane. Integrating his deep knowledge of self-hypnosis, breath work, virtual reality, quantum science, nutrition, and healing, Nicholls teaches you how to move past limiting beliefs and deepen your level of self-understanding so you can achieve your astral goals.


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