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Halloween Special 2014


TME celebrates Halloween with a trio of guests to help us cross the veil. In the first hour, Bob Cranmer, former Army intelligence officer & county commissioner, will converse about his experiences living in a haunted house detailed in The Demon of Brownsville Road. October 1988: Bob Cranmer buys a house in the Pittsburgh suburb he grew up in. He has no idea that his dream home is about to become his worst nightmareBob will recount the harrowing true story of the evil presence that tormented his family and the epic spiritual war he fought to save everything he held dear. Afterwards, afterlife "expert" Roberta Grimes will discuss what happens after we die and how to communicate with the dead. featured in The Fun of Staying in Touch: How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Contact Them. In the final hour, Dr. Supernatural Joshua P. Warren, will send shivers down your spine by retelling "true" ghost stories from his latest It Was A Dark & Creepy Night: Real Life Encounters with the Stranger, Mysterious & Downright Terrifying.There were only three rules when Joshua P. Warren began collecting these stories from around the world: they had to be true, they had to be short, and they had to send a shiver down your spine.


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