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Healthy University: Episode 22 - Kirk Smalley from Stand For The Silent on Bullying and Suicide


This special and emotional episode of Healthy University features our special guest, Kirk Smalley. Kirk Smalley is a passionate speaker and activist on the issue of bullying and suicde. He was featured in the movie "Bully" and is the face of the Stand For The Silent movement. Kirk is on a mission to end bullying after losing his 11 year old son, Ty, to suicide due to bullying almost six years to the day of this interview on May 13, 2010. In this episode, host Alan Eisenberg and Kirk talk about his family tragedy and the work he is doing to try to prevent another suicide due to bullying. Kirk has appeared on CNN and has had numerous speaking engagements across Oklahoma and other states to share his tragic story and educate adults and youth alike about the impact of bullying. Additionally, Kirk’s advocacy has led him to the Oklahoma State capital and even the White House. He is currently travelling the country sharing his family's story and working to make a difference by reaching as many youth as he can.


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