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Hellraiser: Bloodline

Hellraiser: Bloodline


Continuing our month of Horror movies (specifically those set in space that have no reason to be there) we watched Hellraiser: Bloodline. This movie is unique in that it follows the bloodline of the original maker of the Hellraiser puzzle box with segments focusing on him and two of his descendants. It's got everything you'd want in a Hellraiser sequel: plenty of gore, a slutty immortal demon, and a young Adam Scott.

While the movie isn't the worst of the Hellraiser sequels this film marks the beginning of the end. It's the last one to be theatrically released and also the last one chronologically. The film is a departure from the themes and rules of the first films. You no longer need to actually be the one to open the puzzle box for Pinhead and the cenobites to kill you. The cenobites are not as neutral morally as they have been in previous movies, Pinhead at one point has no qualms about taking a little boy and woman as bait in order to lure the man they're after. Also if you are a victim of Pinhead you stand a good chance of becoming a cenobite yourself which is also something new to the series.

While it's only about 80 minutes long this movie feels much longer and drags in some parts. That being said this film also created one of the most heated discussions we've ever had regarding if this movie "Technically" falls into the horror trope of the lone black man in the movie dying first. You'll just have to tune in and give us your two cents on that one.

All in all the movie is underwhelming in terms of plot. It gives you A TON of backstory but it all doesn't really relate too much to the main story taking place in space. However, you don't come to a Hellraiser film looking for plot. You watch these movies for the over the top gore and it has plenty of that to be sure.


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