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HSI Podcast 65


More podcasters more problems- we have a jam packed episode this week with Josh Clark, Malcolm Gordon, and Whit Whitmore. This created some background noise problems which have for the most part been cleaned up, but if you hear the sounds of someone ruffling the pages of a Bataille book in the background blame Clark.
Topics covered this week include
-How to do effective framing in the 2nr for like a disad or a k. I get told by judges that even though i do impact calc i dont make their decision easy / give them a metric to decide. What more can i do
1) why don't teams extend T for 8 mins of the 2nc against a policy AFF like they would against a planless AFF / is that a viable strategy?
2) how do you answer the fiat double bind (beyond procedural fairness args for plan focus)
3) what are the best answers against aff condo (if you can sever your reps then so can we) other than neg condo good
4) to repeat ^bgaston, how does one get ready for this toc thing lol

-i went through elims of the major tournaments int he last few months, the aff win percentage is over 75%- seriously what is the neg supposed to do? no disads, no T, too many affs etc

-my coach is always yelling at me to better highlight cards or look for scholarly sources, but judges don't seem to care so whats the point?

-how do you explain k alts vs a k or identity team-like what is the cap alt supposed to do about antiblackness or semiocapitalism?

-since T is sort of dead, should we read/go for "new affs bad" at the NDCA?


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