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HSI Podcast 67- Education Background


The consuming public wanted to know more about the education topic and we have a doozy for you. Scott and Josh are joined by former Lucha Libre Tim Alderete (AKA Discurso Grande) who holds the world record for most hours spent arguing on facebook about education policy. Since Josh and I know basically nothing Tim gives us the 411 on

-charter schools and why they are evil and neoliberal

-"reform" and why it is evil and neoliberal

-school choice and why it is evil and neoliberal (noticing a pattern?)

But really- he goes in depth on the history/evolution of many of these concepts which will be very important for the coming topic. We also discuss the states CP and why the concept of a federal education topic doesn't make sense. Takeaway- affs with no answers to the states CP lose to the states CP. 


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